6.1 Engine may be set back three inches in line with #1 spark plug to lower ball joint.

6.2 Stock type distributor allowed. 6 series MSD box allowed with matching distributor.

6.3 Mechanical fuel pumps only. No electric fuel pumps allowed.

6.4 Exhaust may be stock manifolds or 1 5/8" tube and 3" outlet headers. Must run past drivers compartment with a 100 decibel sound level. No 180 degree headers, over the top or tri-y headers.

6.5 Pump fuel only. No racing fuel allowed. No alcohol. No nitro.

6.6 (a) Crate Engine GM Part #88958604 must be run in GM, Dodge, & Toyota. Ford may run GM Crate Engine Part #88958604 or Ford Crate Engine Part #M-6007-D347SR/415HP. No changes allowed internally or externally as this is a sealed engine. Any repairs must be pre-approved and authorized. For information on reconditioning crate sealed motor call for information.

Rebuilt 604 crate acceptable (at this Time) but must be to factory specs and parts. Any rebuilds- all part receipts must be submitted to the series for review, motors to be inspected and be inspected by Series qualified technicians. A Dyno test may be requested- if over the standard GM recommended HP by 5% - penalties will be addressed

To use a NON-Crate motor- must be pre-authorized by a series official and subject to inspection , must remain reference to motor rules and regulations. (not all non-crate motors will be allowed)

(b) Spec carburetor #80541-1 650 holley must be used. No modifications allowed on specified carburetor except for jetting and power valve. Will be monitored by a go-no-go gauge and inspection.

(c) No spacers under carburetor. Can only use a single four barrel gasket, maximum 1/8" thick.

For a Printable Copy of these rules and Clarification Contact series Representative