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Saturday June 18th EIR Edmonton International Raceway
June 20, 2016

What a night at EIR on Saturday, our Super Trucks were fast and flying!... was a great night for the Vintage Racing two team trucks, #14 Ron Larsson took heat 1, #18 Ron Elder Jr. took heat two.

Feature 50, #14 lead most of the laps but got tight at the end and #07 Brian Morrison & #18 Ron Elder Jr. took the front and thats how it finished.
1) 07 Brian Morrison, 2) #18 Ron Elder Jr. 3) #14 Ron Larsson

Next race is the big sponsored race night - The "Annugas Compression Feature" at EIR July 9th. It will be a big race, a large field of trucks, big night for our series and for our big partner of Annugas Compression

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