3.1 Seat must be racing aluminum type and bolted to cage with a minimum of four 3/8 bolts on inside of frame. Full containment seats must be mounted as per manufacturer'Â’s specifications.

3.2 Seat belts must be 5 point racing type. No more than 3 years old.

3.3 Fuel cells are mandatory. Filler cap assemblies must be grounded to the chassis. Cells must be in a steel can. Remote fills must be safety approved.

3.4 Front and rear firewalls must be sealed.

3.5 Fire extinguishers mandatory and must be in reach of driver and securely mounted. Fire systems recommended.

3.6 Steering wheels must have quick release hub.

3.7 Proban or Nomex driving suit, gloves and footwear mandatory. Suit must be a minimum of one layer, two layer highly recommended.

3.8 Helmets must be Snell 2015, racing helmets (not motorcycle) approved and in acceptable condition. Eye protection mandatory. Seat belt mounted head and neck restraints absolutely mandatory.

3.9 Window net mandatory and must have quick release.

For a Printable Copy of these rules and Clarification Contact series Representative