4.1 10" racing slicks, American Racer’s premium EC84 , indside 27 short, outsides 27 tall. (See Tire Usage Rule below.) Tires will be marked and logged per truck.

4.2 Wheels must be 10" racing type.

4.3 All trucks must have all 4 brakes working and in operational order. Four wheel hydraulic, front discs and rear drums or rear discs. Aftermarket calipers allowed. Must be stock appearing. Aftermarket dual cylinders OK. Front aftermarket rotors and hubs accepted.

4.4 Rear ends must be of stock type ( Ford 9" rear ends OK with locked up gears). Mini-spool OK. Full floater rear housing will be accepted. Must be steel hubs and rotors. No aluminum third members, no aluminum spools. No gold trac, detroit locker or quick tracs.

4.5 Front suspensions must be stock to truck including spindles and linkage; shimming allowed. Upper and lower control arms may be cut and modified. Tubular upper arms may be constructed from 120 wall steel tubing, must retain stock truck shaft (steel). Upper control arm mounts may be moved. Lower control arm mounts must be left in stock position. No aftermarket tubular upper a-arms. Control arm bushings may be replaced by nylon, steel or aluminum. Front cross members may be dropped to a maximum of 1" into frame. 1988 & newer frames currently in R & D stage; phone for details.

4.6 Aftermarket front springs allowed.

4.7 Wedge devices allowed (i.e.:shims, shackles or weight jacks).

4.8 Adjustable sway bars allowed.

4.9 One racing shock per wheel, non adjustable type. No aluminum shocks, coil overs allowed only on rear.

4.10 Rear ends may be placed on top of leaf springs.

4.11 Rear suspension: Truck trailing arms with coil overs or conventional coils and pan hard bar. No third links.

4.12 Maximum wheel track width 81" front and rear (outside of tire to outside of tire).

4.13 Ride heights: 6" lowest point measured at center of crossmember, 5" bumper (nose cone), 4" body side panels. 1988 & newer 5.5 inch at centre of crossmember will be accepted.

Ride height will be strongly enforced for every race!

Inspection will take place prior to time in, if good-  you go "time-in", if a fail - return to pit stall for adjustment, Return- if pass- you go "time-in", if 2nd inspection is a fail; your "time-in" is forfeit- no points awarded and all races (current event) start in the back (Time limit in effect also- if not back in line prior to last truck, your time in is forfeit.


For a Printable Copy of these rules and Clarification Contact series Representative