tire usage rule

2020 - AMERICAN RACERS- (American Racer’s premium EC84 10” slick)

No other tire make will be allowed in the 2020 season!

4 tires per event will be allowed (not including practice tires). Separate practice tires will be allowed for practice sessions only and will be branded with a P. The same tires that were used for qualifying (marked) must be used for all heat races and the feature race. This will be strictly enforced.

Sponsor Decals:

Each Truck must carry all Series Sponsors Decals and or Logos, as supplied to each team, at all times.This includes all Decals supplied by EIR Nascar approved sponsors!

This is subject to inspections at any time. Failure to comply may result in a deduction of Sponsor payout.

Rule Violations:

If you are deemed in violation of any rule as per The Super Truck Racing Officials, you will forfeit all points and tow money for that event.
There will be zero tolerance for any modifications to the carburetor and/or engine.